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My neuropathy has greatly improved!



Hi my name is Dee. I have had neuropathy, neck, back and shoulder problems for a while now. Nothing the Orthopedics did really helped; the shots never lasted long. When I found out Dr. Bigbie treated neuropathy I came in. It’s been about six months; the neuropathy has greatly improved, the neck and shoulder pain is gone. I feel like there is a great improvement. I have been pretty much pain free. I really want to thank Dr. Bigbie and his staff!

My neuropathy has greatly improved in one week!

Marjorie Waddell



Hi, this is Marjorie. We came to Bigbie Chiropractic to get help with her neuropathy; she had no feeling in her right leg. After only a short week of treatment, she’s already noticing feeling in her right leg and foot. With the changes in supplements that Dr. Bigbie recommended and diet, her blood sugar is much better. She’s even noticing feeling in her right arm, which has been gone due to two previous strokes. We are very happy with Dr. Bigbie and his staff, they are super friendly. We love it here, thank you!

My neuropathy has greatly improved!

Martha Trapp


Hi, my name is Martha Trapp. When I first came to Bigbie Chiropractic I could hardly walk, had neuropathy really bad, and restless leg syndrome. After receiving only 5 Hakomed treatments for neuropathy, I feel much better I am sleeping all through the night with no spasms or pain in my legs, toes or ball of my feet. The Dowager’s hump that I had on the back of my neck, due to the chemotherapy treatment has completely disappeared! I just wanted to thank the doctor’s here and I just love you guys!

Chris R – Swansea, SC

I can walk again!
Chris Ripp“Hello, my name is Chris from Lexington, SC. I have been having major back problems off and on for the last couple of years. I had a major accident slipping down some stairs and I compressed some disc. So I went to the ER and they packed me down and had a back surgeon come and said I need back surgery. I got another opinion and that surgeon also said I needed surgery but I wanted the alternative. So I came across Dr. Bigbie and talked to him about the spinal decompression.At my twentieth visit I was walking fine! I am off all the anti-inflammatory medicine. I am so glad I got a third opinion instead of the second opinion. I just want to thank Dr. Bigbie and his staff for helping me out with this problem!”

Barbara V – Lexington, SC

After 4 treatments on the DRX9000, I have no low back pain!

Barbara VaughnMy name is Dr. Barbara V.  I have been suffering from a bad case of sciatica for approximately 20 years, and due to spinal compression I have lost 5 inches in height!  After 4 decompression treatments on the DRX 9000,  I am in now no pain for the first time in 20 years. I am so pleased and surprised!  It is amazing!

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