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Juliette N – Columbia, SC

Thanks to the DRX 9000 I am no longer taking pain medication and my limp is gone!

JulietteNettles“Hi! My name is Juliette and I have had low back pain for a long time.  I was having a lot of trouble walking. I saw an advertisement for the DRX 9000 in my mail box and I called the number. When I came in I was evaluated and Doctor Bigbie determined that I was in fact a candidate for decompression therapy. Before I started on the DRX 9000 I was taking at least eight Motrin twice a day, sometimes more, and I still limped when I walked. After the first few treatments I could tell a big difference and now I am through with treatment and my limp is gone and I am no longer taking medication. I want to thank everyone here at Doctor Bigbie’s office for giving me my life back!”

Steve L – Columbia, SC

After the DRX 9000 my low back pain is finally gone!

SteveLefemine“Hi my name is Steve. I came to Doctor Bigbie at the end of 2005 after I had a serious back problem earlier that year. I had an MRI which confirmed a herniated disc in my low back that was so bad that it caused my left leg to atrophy (get smaller due to the muscle wasting away), and I was on crutches. My medical doctor got me an appointment to see a neurosurgeon that was scheduled two months out. In the meantime I saw an advertisement from Dr. Bigbie about the DRX 9000. I came in and Dr. Bigbie determined that I was a candidate for decompression therapy. After the treatment I saw a significant improvement. Doctor Bigbie began adjusting me after my decompression therapy was through and my body completely healed and I was able to put down the crutches all together. I want to thank God for sending me to Dr. Bigbie and thank Dr. Bigbie and his entire staff for helping my body to heal without drugs or surgery. It’s been five years and I still feel great!”

Mark F – Saluda, SC

Since my treatment on the DRX 9000,
I am 99.9% PAIN FREE!!

MarkFincannonMy name is Mark F, and I heard about Dr. Bigbie’s office on the radio. I was having severe pain in my right hip and lower back.  The pain was so bad that I was forced to sit a lot at my job, and it was still miserable for me to do my job.  I also could not enjoy a lot of other activities. I had been to a chiropractor before and it had helped, but it did not solve my problem and completely relieve my pain.  So I came to Bigbie Chiropractic, and have been going through the decompression therapy on the DRX 9000.  Now, after going through this process, I feel a lot better.  I am 99.9% pain free and I appreciate Dr. Bigbie and all of the people here at the office and every thing they have done to help me.  Thank You!

Freeda C – Leesville, SC

DRX 9000 Spinal Decompression relieved my pain, now I don’t take pain relievers!

Freda CrappsMy name is Freeda, and before coming to Dr. Bigbie’s office, I had severe pain in my right hip and leg, and I used to have to take two extra strength Tylenol just to be able to tolerate it.  I had also lost a lot feeling in my right leg.  Previous doctors had told me that there was nothing they could do but give me pain pills, and I would never regain that feeling.  But since beginning my spinal decompression treatments, my pain is gone and I no longer take the Tylenol.  I have also regained some of the feeling in my leg!  Now I can’t stop recommending for people to come!

Mariah S – Alcolu, SC

After my treatment on the DRX 9000 I am finally out of pain!

MariahSheriod“Hi my name is Mariah from Alcolu, SC. I have just begun my treatments on the DRX 9000. I am just so enthused with how I feel after my treatment on the machine! My body was just full of pain; I couldn’t get around and do anything without pain. Now I just really thank God and Doctor Bigbie and his staff for all that he has done! And I truly want to invite you to come!”

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