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Chris R – Swansea, SC

I can walk again!
Chris Ripp“Hello, my name is Chris from Lexington, SC. I have been having major back problems off and on for the last couple of years. I had a major accident slipping down some stairs and I compressed some disc. So I went to the ER and they packed me down and had a back surgeon come and said I need back surgery. I got another opinion and that surgeon also said I needed surgery but I wanted the alternative. So I came across Dr. Bigbie and talked to him about the spinal decompression.At my twentieth visit I was walking fine! I am off all the anti-inflammatory medicine. I am so glad I got a third opinion instead of the second opinion. I just want to thank Dr. Bigbie and his staff for helping me out with this problem!”

Barbara V – Lexington, SC

After 4 treatments on the DRX9000, I have no low back pain!

Barbara VaughnMy name is Dr. Barbara V.  I have been suffering from a bad case of sciatica for approximately 20 years, and due to spinal compression I have lost 5 inches in height!  After 4 decompression treatments on the DRX 9000,  I am in now no pain for the first time in 20 years. I am so pleased and surprised!  It is amazing!

Norma M – Columbia, SC

No more pain down my arm and my lower back is 95% better!

NormaMackey“Hi my name is Norma. I started coming to Dr. Bigbie’s office because I had such bad pain and stiffness in my lower back that I wasn’t able to do my housework or walk like I enjoy doing. I also had numbness and tingling running down my left arm all the way to my hand. After two weeks of being on the DRX9000 and having my spine realigned I have improved about 90-95%! The pain and numbness going down my arm is gone, my lower back doesn’t hurt me at all and I am back to doing my housework and walking up to 2-2 ½ miles without having to sit down! I am very thankful for Dr. Bigbie and his entire staff for everything they have done to help get me my life back!”

Mark M – Columbia, SC

DRX Spinal Decompression relieved my pain!

Mark MillsHi, I’m Mark, and before I came to see Dr. Bigbie’s office, my pain was so bad that I could not even lay down in the bed.  I had severe pain shooting all the way down my leg and into my knee, and if I stood up more than a few seconds my leg would go to sleep.  But ever since Dr. Bigbie began treating me on the spinal decompression machine, I’ve felt much better! After about a week and a half, I was able to sleep in my bed again.  Now my pain is gone, and I’m even back to coaching football.  If it weren’t for Dr. Bigbie and Dr. Jason, I wouldn’t be where I am now.  Thank You!

Natalie M – Hopkins, SC

Because of the DRX 9000, I am pain free!!

Natalie MarshHi, my name is Natalie, and I came to Dr. Bigbie’s office because I had terrible low back pain.  Approximately 12 years ago I had my first back surgery, I had a second surgery about 5 years later, and after that I still had to resort to epidural injections for pain control.  I was eating Advil like they were life savers, I was constantly taking muscle relaxers, and I was still terribly uncomfortable.  I could not perform my job, and I was not able to do anything for recreation.  I thought I was on my last leg.  I came here for the DRX 9000 spinal decompression, and these wonderful people have already improved the quality of my life!!  Because of the treatments and adjustments I no longer take Advil every day, and I don’t take any more muscle relaxers.  I was recently able to sit through an entire ballet with no medicine and no pain!!  I can not thank Dr. Bigbie and his staff enough for improving my life so immensely!

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