Elizabeth Boulet




My name is Elizabeth, and I came to Dr. Bigbie because he was recommended by a friend of mine.  I had vertigo, I was very depressed, I had a hard time walking, and I was really at my wit’s end. I had tried therapy, and yoga, and I just didn’t know what else to do.  But I came here, and thanks to everyone’s help, my balance is much better!  I’m walking again, and I can walk up and down curbs, which I couldn’t do before.  I feel much more self-confident when I’m walking. I generally feel much better and have a lot more energy.  And my depression is gone.  Everyone here is just so friendly and nice, and they’ve helped me so much! All three of the doctors are wonderful.  They take such good care of me and I look forward to coming here every time I come.  I’ve just been so pleased I just can’t recommend it enough to everybody!